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A good saddle is worth its weight in gold, especially when mounted to a bike that spends more time being pedaled than being pushed… Trail riding can take you pretty far, far away from the car at least and the awesome adventure that lays ahead can be quickly ruined by an uncomfortable saddle. While maintaining a good level of posterior comfort is a two pronged job for both the saddle and a suitable liner in your shorts, but getting one really wrong can really ruin your day!


Kore? Well, if you were riding bikes in the mid to late 90’s, Kore will be a brand you’ll no doubt recognise as one of the ‘must have’ brands of the time and used by some of the worlds elite racers including Nico Vouilloz, John Tomac and even Steve Peat. Roll on a few years and Kore are back with a bang and kicking off our look at some of Kore’s 2013 range, is this new trail and enduro perch…

Words & Photos: Olly Forster

Between the Durox’s microfibre cover with embossed and printed graphics to the two tone titanium rails, this saddle looks every bit the product that belongs on a well equipped bike. Underneath the well finished exterior lies 23mm’s of light weight foam and internal pressure relief system.


To help prevent the Durox from suffering at the hands of the trail and a riders inability to stay upright, Kore have included carbon weave corners, which have been understitched to further increase robustness and enhance the saddle’s purposeful demeanor.


Following a now traditional shape on the top, the Durox features a stress relief channel that although isn’t as deep as some, was perfect for the average day in the hills.


Looking underneath the Durox’s microfibre cover shows us exactly why this saddle is exceptionally comfortable – Kore have added what they dub as the ‘EA’ Pressure Release System, which effectively acts as a kind of suspension for your posterior, taking out the sting from multiple vibrations from the trail below.



The Durox Ti isn’t a saddle that immediately jumps out at you, lacking some of the graphics and branding found elsewhere in the world of bicycle saddles, but what the Durox does do and do very well I might add, is the job at hand; keeping your rear content and your head focused on the trail. While the Durox might lack some of what I’ve previously described, aesthetically minded riders will find its ‘bare bone’ styling both to the point and exactly what they are after for a refined and purposefully specced bike.

After a few months of regular abuse in some of the worst weather conditions, the Durox has held up really well structurally although the white logos and two tone rails have begun to fade – hardly a massive negative considering the conditions and without any failure to the saddle’s fundamnetal function and ability to its job…


Coming in at £55, the Durox Ti is exceptionally well priced against regular railed saddles, let alone a saddle with titanium rails… Ti rails aside, once you’ve spent enough time on the Durox, you’ll know it was money well spent as this has been one of the comfiest saddles I’ve had the pleasure to use on my bike and while everyone’s rear is their own, I know mine doesn’t like a lot of what’s out there. With a quality build only marginally harmed by fading logos, which is neither here nor there, the Durox looks set to keep doing what it does for some time to come and if this is an example of what Kore are putting out, then they surely are on a comeback. Recommended product that will hopefully find its way to the UK. Happy trails, OIly.

Kore products are exclusively distributed in the UK by Decade Europe and for everything Kore and beyond, hit the logo below!

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