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Today’s market place is full to the brim with new brands and products vying for your hard earned cash, even though many of the products we use on our bikes have to an extent, plateaued out as far as technology is concerned. So, what separates one product from another or one brand from another? Branding? Marketing? The hard sell? Probably all of the above, but what we are looking at here is a quality product that yes, is one we may have seen before under a different guise, but this time representing what we feel is the start of something rather special from the Emerald Isle…

Words & Photos: Olly Forster

Moove – A new brand from Ireland with some great ideas and some great products waiting to find their way onto your bike. To start the ball rolling, we are looking at these beauties, the Moove Torque pedal. Measuring 95 x 95cm and at only 17mm deep, the Torque’s have a sufficiently large platform while being thin enough not to affect clearance.

With a total of 20 pins per pedal, there’s plenty of grip! We ran Five Ten’s and the new Teva Links (review in the works) and found no issues with feel, although the broader pins favoured the grippier Five Tens. Flat pedal riding isn’t just about getting the shoes with the gripiest soles, or the pedals with most aggressive surface, but about finding the right shoes for the right pedals that in turn suit your stye of riding.

Each pin threads into the body of the pedal from the back and removes the chances of any impacts damaging both the pin and the more expensive pedals themselves – this is called a ‘Thru-Pin’ and should snap off with enough of a bang from a rock or similar impact. Although I had a few alterations with things that damage bikes from below, all the pins are still present and correct, although I always recommend topping up the loctite when you can…

The main body is a pretty standard 6061-T6 aluminium affair and is CNC machined to remove any un-needed material and weight from the pedals, which at 240 grams each, is pretty reasonable for pedals at this price point!


Made in Taiwan… Not quite the Emerald Isle, but a phrase and a place that once resulted in connotations of poor quality and craftsmanship. Roll into the 21st Century and it is now synonimous with state of the art manufacturing and of all thing, bicycles and bicycle components. Everything from the Demo S-Works to 95% of all the handlebars currently available from every manufacturer, are made on this advanced island off the coast of China. The factories are often state of the art and made from the ground up with bicycle manufacturing in mind, so without further a do, I have hopefully dispelled any stigma with the “Made in Taiwan” badge! Back to the pedals, which are made in…

Keeping the Torque’s running smoothly are 2 DU Bushes and 4 sealed cartridge bearings. To get inside and make sure everything is as it should be, remove the two end caps – they are identical for some reason with the outer one being black. Once these are off, you’ll need a 9mm ratchet with a thin enough diameter…

…and there you have it, the axle with seal at the bottom and 9mm bolt at the top. Not sure about torque levels, but they only need a little force to pop on and off – great if you want to give them a regular clean and re-grease. These have been through their share of wet rides recently and rides that have been followed by plenty of extra water while being cleaned. The stock axle is chromoly and by all accounts, looks to be of a high quality. If your a weight weenie, Ti axles are available as an upgrade!


We are not looking at a break through in pedal design here, but what we are looking at is a great pair of pedals at a great price and from a brand with great ideas, who like us, live and breath mountain bikes. The Torques haven’t surprised us and have done exactly what we wished of them – they are light, have a great platform and worked perfectly with the market leading shoe brand. Aesthetically, they are of coarse identical to pedals from other brands, but be that as it may, they are nice looking and these ones have a better logo – now you can’t deny that!

Negatives? They’re not original, if that’s what you want and if that is what you want, there are several brands delivering expensive and unique platform pedals. No spare pins? While I’ve lost some chunks of anodizing to smashing rocks, I haven’t lost any pins, but a few spares would have been nice… The anodizing finish has been put through the grinder with the recent weather and the constant washing, and started fading quite quickly, but for me, it doesn’t detract from what I think is a good looking pedal – if any part of your bike can look beat, it’s your pedals!

So, what are we looking at cost wise? £44 posted to the UK for chromo and £104 for titanium. Not bad by anyone’s standard and considering these are great pedals that do exactly what they are meant to and then some. Recommended, great value pedals with a smarter logo than the competition and talking of logos, tap the big one below and check their site and online store out for more. Happy trails, Olly.



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