Sneak Peek – 2013 Bell Super Helmet

November 2nd, 2012

By Factory Jackson in Tech

Back in the mid to late 90’s, Bell were massive and with a whole host of top names in their popular helmets – most notably the legendary John Tomac, who has also played a part in the success of Bell’s latest DH prodigy, Aaron Gwin. Coincidence? Maybe, but it’s fair to say that recent years has seen Bell fade into the background, at least in MTB. But all that is about to change with three exciting additions to their range for 2013… and this is one of them; the all new Bell Super. Designed from the ground up to fill the growing void in the market between Downhill and Trail helmets and where riders not only want a product that meets their aesthetic aspirations, but their requirements for something that does what it says on the tin.

It was more than evident from our recent trip to Eurobike that Bell are coming into 2013 with all guns blazing and with one of the raddest trail/enduro lids we’ve seen to date, a revolutionary new skate lid and a new DH helmet that’s going to give the market a real run for its money. Madison, Bell’s UK distributor, is already gearing up for the launch in the Spring of 2013 and kindly sent this sample over for us to take a look at.

As you can see from the photo below, the Super offers great coverage for the end user while carrying many of the design attributes more commonly found in burlier, heavier helmets. At 380 grams, the super is anything but heavy!

Unfortunately thisĀ  flat green and matte black number is just a sample and not ready for the trail, but it’s easy to see where Bell were coming from with the design and features employed, especially with the target demographic in mind.

Blending modern helmet design styles with hints of something similar to a vintage open face BMX helmet, the Super is just rad and everyone who sees it and touches it, wants one – check the moto inspired venting ports in the brow below.

The outer shell is bonded to an EPS liner with 25 sculpted vents that carry a consistent design theme from end to end that’s hard to fault and with 7 colour options, many of which are right on the money, this helmet is just plain cool…

Rear coverage is not far off a full face and the whole helmet exudes a high level of purpose and with looks that truly separate it from the competition, the Super could well be the trail helmet to be seen in next year.

There is of course one thing that does suck about the new Bell Super and that is your going to have to wait until June next year to get your hands on one, but stay tuned to Factory Jackson over the coming months for more on Bell’s exciting range of new helmets…




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