Memoto Lifelogging Camera

October 24th, 2012

By Factory Jackson in Lifestyle

Well I guess we missed out on all the GoPro news earlier this week – that’ll teach us for going riding! So we might as well jump on the camera bandwagon and show you something along those lines. The gadget in question, is this random and highly innovative new option for showing your mates what you get up to and instead of telling them about all the cool stuff you get up to, with this you can show them. The Memoto Lifelogging Camera clips on to your shirt or pocket and snaps pictures while you go about your business. The tiny camera works along with an app to help organize the shots and provide you info about them. Memoto snaps a picture every 30 seconds, offers 2 full days of photo taking battery life and storage and charges and connects to your computer with its micro-USB port. Plus, you don’t have to worry about positioning since it has a built-in accelerometer to fix shots. Pretty rad isn’t it? Still in it’s last stages before production, but with a retail price of around $200USD and you can find more

Source: CoolMaterial




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