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Leogang Worlds: In the Pits – Santa Cruz Syndicate

September 7th, 2012

By Factory Jackson in Tech

With the whole team making it through their respective nation’s selection process, it was racing as normal for the Santa Cruz Syndicate in Leogang. A team where unique bicycles, podiums and some of the biggest personalities in mountain biking are one and the same. But this worlds was particularly special; for Steve Peat, this was to be his 20th World Championships and for Greg Minnaar and indeed the team, it was also to be the first senior men’s World Championships victory on a carbon downhill bike.

Photos: Nathan ‘Nate Dog’ Carvell & Burgtec’s Dave Barton | Words: Olly Forster

Big lads need big stems! All three are running the large 60mm Burgtec stem with a little patriotic effect in their for good measure. Check out the height too!

If your going to compete in your 20th World Championships event, well, you might as well do it in style.

Will it ever be beaten? 20 years and 20 Worlds – pretty mental when you think that some of the riders competing at this very event aren’t even 20 years old!

The devil’s in the detail. From top to bottom, Peaty’s bike is smothered in custom, one off and very rad details like the graphics on his Fox 40’s, which continue with the patriotic red, white and blue theme.

These will be available to us mortals very soon, which is great if clips are your thing…

Ricky Bobby, Peaty’s mechanic giving Steve’s rather special bike a post run shower.

Bryceland’s worlds whip – custom graphics and a few well positioned Union Jacks to get into the swing of things!

The business end – Burgtec Penthouse Flats.

When you find a goggle bag or a suitable cloth, what do you do? If your Josh, grab anything to hand including your underpants… Gets the job done!

Not as in your face as Peaty’s, but the red, white and blue over matte black looked pretty rad. Word on the production carbon swing-arms is they are coming…

Two of the soundest guys around!

The ‘Min’ mobile or should that be win mobile? Greg Minnaar’s steed for the week end.

Greg’s signature Gamut chainguide looking factory on the main man’s bike – think these are available now?

How high? Big guys need all the extra height they can get and Greg’s no different – when will a bar company deliver us a carbon bar with a real DH friendly rise…

If your a big name of the Shimano roster, you’re most likely rocking these custom hand made calipers from Shimano. They are protos, but not for any new groupset in particular, but Shimano are always looking for ways to give their athletes an edge.

Minion DHR II’s and a little patriotic flair on Greg’s Enve rim to finish things off. If you want to see more, we’ve got more – head over to our Leogang content

And how did they perform? Roll VT!




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