Lines, Hucks, Holes and Pink Kit – Practice and Qualifying at the Fort

June 9th, 2012

By Nathan Carvell in Features

Some of the riders are loving the new motorway section while others are finding it makes the track too easy. Either way the spectators are loving it with whips a plenty and from what we’ve seen from the vid boys in the media tent, your in for some sideways action in the forthcoming stream of sick edits next week. Yes!

Watering the track? While England, Wales and South Scotalnd are currently getting wet via god, up here in the wilds the weather is exceptionally good and everything is covered in a fine coat of dust. With rain on the cards, it’ll on increase grip and up the speeds come race day.

This girl shreds! Your reigning world champ Emmeline Ragot on track and flying.

Sickest bike of the week end? Sickest helmet? Third in qualies here for our Danny and lets face facts here, he wants this and wants it bad, and the whips over the big jumps were off the bloody hook, believe us!

Another girl with style for miles. Tracey Hannah pinned and focused!

If anyone can pull a win out from under the rug of Gwin, Hart and Minnaar its this man, but with new team member Marc Beaumont taking the spot light in qualies, who knows if this is team strategy?

No shit, Blinky is absolutely pinned here. Can’t wait to be track side Sunday!

These guys have got some sick bikes and gear and fair play, you can see ’em from miles away!

Ooomph! The holes are appearing all over the course, but this beast was causing all manor of issues!

Remi Thirion binned it and binned it hard right here, but sure enough got back up and smashed it second time – hard bastard!

Words fail me on this guys fashion sense or lack of it, but fair play, he was happy as Larry and doing us proud as all the marshals are here on the mountain, brazing the weather and the evil midge…

These guys were going up and down on this customised open lift, rapping and beat-boxing via a loud speaker for the crowds lining the track. Scottish hip-hop is alive and kicking in the highlands folks!

It seems that there are quite a few people who want to see this guy make a massive come back and with some great results in the past here, who knows what the calm, collected and now very focused ozzy can deliver come Sunday.

Gwin and Leov eying up the road gap.

Suicide over the road gap anyone? This jump is so short and steep, this was just plain rad!

It’s always a pleasure to see the Polcster and his Evil doing their thing. Pure class, pure cool!

This guys pretty fast here apparently…

Sam’s doing it for charity folks, but how many kids are gonna buy this kit now? Lots is the answer to that as this guy oozes cool like it’s going out of fashion.

Affy back on the big bike and making the cut for Sunday’s party on the mountain!




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