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Energy gels – some of you use them, some of you don’t, but before you start thinking of roadies, skinny tyres and lycra hold on.  It’s inevitable that your body will crave a feed at some point during periods of prolonged exercise. Energy gels have been around for years now, some are good and some are truly awful, but all are full of chemicals and wizardry. They generally provide you with a balance of slow releasing carbohydrates and a quick sugar burst along with all manor of nutritional science to keep you pedaling and QimmiQ (pronounced kimm’ik) are no exception, but with a difference. QimmiQ’s unique approach to the energy gel shows what can be achieved if you listen, talk to, and understand your market. Their launch back in September 2011 saw an impressive stand at the Cycle Show offering a wealth of pre-production samples to test the water. Factory Jackson has been getting a taste for them following their introduction at the Birmingham Cycle Show…

So, the QimmiQ gel has a fancy piece of packaging, it does help, but it’s not all about the packaging. The product inside is a packed full of natural ingredients such as honey for anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties for that sugary hit, beetroot for anti-oxidant properties helping when your immune system is lowered during exercise, Himalayan pink salt offering you a full spectrum of minerals and electrolytes for re-hydration and raspberry for flavour, giving you that familiar raspberry jam taste. Check the video for a demo of how easy it is.

Using the gel is a sinch mostly helped by the clever yet sturdy packaging that can be put in your pocket or pack for when you need it. Designed to be used with just one hand the credit card sized sachet splits in half then you simply squeeze the gel into your mouth. Great for times when you don’t want, or can’t stop pedaling and once you’ve had your fill, the sachet folds back into itself to put back in your pocket without spillage. And if you’re thinking that you will need a second hand to get all the gel out, don’t worry, because each sachet is slightly over filled so you get the full hit without sucking and squeezing every last drop. Great aye?

In terms of performance the QimmiQ gel certainly does give you that much needed boost and it’s strong flavour certainly helps when you’re craving something sugary. Using it on both long XC rides and evening sessions at the BMX track really has made a difference and helps keep you going. This extra boost comes in the form of 2:1 fast:slow acting sugars for that instant kick and a longer lasting source of energy.

Not only can you take these gels straight but you can also mix them with water for a refreshing drink when out on the trail. One sachet is easily dissolved into a full 2 litre CamelBak bladder making a subtly flavoured drink for constant energy release throughout your ride and although it may not taste like it, combine it with straight sachets as and when needed you will be good to go all day. This water to gel ratio may not be optimal but even in bottle it tastes as good. As an added bonus you can also spread the gel on toast for a pre-ride fuel.

After using these gels on half a dozen mixed rides now we soon came to realise that QimmiQ have really thought long and hard about this product and what the rider wants. In doing so they have created a great tasting product for all disciplines of riding and unlike lots of other gels out there, the QimmiQ doesn’t leave too much of a ‘claggy’ feeling in your throat so you can still breath afterwards.

Pricing is competitive at £23.99 for 30, which works out about 80 pence a gel, but you can buy a sample pack of 5 for £5.49 (£1.10 a gel). If your looking for something new to give that little extra when you need it most, you should definitely look this way. Highly recommended – Head over to QimmiQ to read more. Happy trails!



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