Ride Your Way 2: Bling – Full Movie

April 10th, 2012

By Nathan Carvell

If you are one of those riders who just enjoys riding your bike whatever the discipline, then this movie is for you. Directed, filmed and edited by Ryszard Syryczyński this movie takes in a multitude of disciplines making Ride Your Way 2: Bling, as the name suggests, the essence of fun on a bicycle. Shot well and with a rip-rawing soundtrack, if this doesn’t get you out on your bike then I don’t know what will. Go get on your trusty steed and get thrashing the nearest spot now!

As the description says:
That was really intensive season for all of us – many trips, sessions, contests. Unfortunately, for so many times, rain, security or injuries appeared in the most important moments. But after all — we love what we do so we had a lot of fun. We hope you will feel this and have fun too watching. Finally it is all about Riding Your Own Way / ryys.pl / dartmoor-bikes.com




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