GT Bicycles and Atherton Racing Join Forces

January 10th, 2012

By Factory Jackson in Features

Bethel, CT – January 10, 2012 – GT Bicycles is proud to announce its partnership with Atherton Racing. Beginning in 2012, the mountain bike race team of Dan, Gee, and Rachel Atherton, will join non-family GT rider Marc Beaumont and form the new team GT Factory Racing.

“Atherton Racing is one of the most progressive teams in the history of mountain biking, and is known for taking the sport to the next level,” said Mark Peterman, Global General Manager GT Bicycles.  “We’re excited about the partnership because it both continues GT’s legacy as the brand that helps progressive riders push their limits, and because of the opportunities it presents to develop new products.”

Over the past five years, Atherton Racing has seen over 50 professional victories and multiple World titles. For the first time, the Atherton team will also include a non-family member with GT rider Marc Beaumont. As a consistent World Cup downhill rider with podiums in some of the world’s greatest Enduro races, Beaumont will compliment Gee on the UCI DH circuit, and Dan on the Euduro circuit, as his focus has shifted towards Enduro-style events. The team will be riding the GT Fury, Sanction, and Force Carbon and Alloy.

In addition to racing, the team will provide important product testing feedback and work hand-in-hand with GT on future product advancements and the next evolution of GT mountain bikes.

“The new relationship that’s formed between Atherton Racing and GT has opened up so many opportunities for everyone involved, I’m stoked to be going into the next few years of racing being bolstered by a company with such a passion for the sport, and with a company that’s drive for the top step of the podium, matches that of my own,” said Gee Atherton.

For more information on the GT Bicycles (@GTBicycles) and Atherton Racing (@AthertonRacing) partnership, please visit and and follow them on Facebook at

About GT Bicycles:

Since 1972, GT has provided riders of all ability levels with a trustworthy, reliable, rock-solid bike they need to push their own personal limits, and the limits of cycling. Their legacy is instilled in every GT design, be it a BMX, mountain, road, or pavement bike.  For more information about GT Bicycles, please visit




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