The Cycle Show UK: Part II – BOS 2012

October 13th, 2011

By Factory Jackson in Tech

Which ever way you look at it, mountain biking is a product based sport and one that thrives off the technical ingenuity of those who provide the essential product required to what we do. There are of course brands who set new limits as to what is considered top end and past the limits of what many of us would consider the ‘bench mark’. This area in mountain bike suspension is the home of BOS, a French by-word for “plush”. BOS suspension products are well regarded for taking factory damping and quality and making it available to the week end warrior; all be it at a price. At the recent Cycle Show, we caught up with motor-sports legend and head honcho behind BOS’s UK distribution company, R53 Engineering and got up close and personal with what’s available in 2012.

Photos: Henry Marsh

Words: Olly Forster


Construction and build quality is pretty amazing to say the least and the revised graphics and colours for 2012 definitely help make these forks look as good as they work out on the track.

I hate water transfers on bikes and forks with a passion, so it’s great to see BOS sticking to, err, stickers. Fork lowers always get scratched and it’s always a plus when you can peel off the old graphics and slap some new ones on there.

Meaty forks, but surprisingly light and the fact you can feel how supple the action is in your hands only helps confirms how good these are going to be on the bike. The top end Idyll Rare is certainly going to be on the wish list of downhill racers getting their bikes ready for next season. Form meets function people!

The standard Idyll is back and smashes into 2012 with further refinements to an already raved about fork and coming in at £400 below the Rare – this will most certainly be on the wish list for those looking for a fork to compete with the Fox 40 and Rock Shox World Cup.

That’s right folks, the Deville now comes with a tapered steerer option. Enduro racing is going off right now and I know a few riders who swear by their 2011 Deville’s. The 2012 model carries all the pedigree the previous years did, but throwing in all the refinements BOS have rolled out across their 2012 range. Quality!

The axle assembly is a work of engineering art – beautifully simple.


Check this out. If you want a shock with out compromise, look no further – the Stoy Rare is the epitome of an over the counter factory product, and at £640, tuned and sprung for your ride courtesy of R53 isn’t that bad really and especially when you consider what this will do to your bike. I want one and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Check out the needle bearings – class!

Back again – the original Stoy has been amped up for 2012 and down priced to £545; expect to see quite a few of these at the races next year. Specialized Demo friendly too….


For more information on BOS products hit the logo below and for all UK residents looking for that edge, slap the R53 logo and get in touch with Roger who can talk you through what’s available and get your bike dialled in like it’s never been dialled in before.




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