Burgtec Release Offset Shock Hardware

July 25th, 2011

By Factory Jackson in Tech

For years, ‘offset hardware’ has been used covertly on the World Cup circuit by many of the top riders currently competing. The offset hardware allows for the head angle to be easily manipulated, simply by shortening or lengthening the effective eye to eye of the shock. In recent times, the trend has leant towards steeper and faster tracks where this simple, but effective upgrade has been used to relax the head angle and improve handling. Relaxing the head angle and lowering the BB makes the bike feel more stable at speed and even more planted on steep sections by throwing the front wheel further forward. The bushes can be used in the opposite way to steepen the head angle, thus improving the bikes geometry for courses that require a lot of sprinting, pitching the rider to the front of the cockpit and more on top of the bars, which is better for sprinting and getting the gas down on tracks like Pietermaritzburg.

The Burgtec hardware allows between 1 and 1.5 degrees of angle alteration depending on the bolt size used for the shock on your frame. Frames running 6mm bolts will naturally get the greatest amount of alteration with the 8mm frames getting less with 1 degree of manipulation.

Our hardware was used by Marc Beaumont when he won the Val Di Sol round of the 2010 World Cup. After Marc’s victory, more and more riders approached us about slackening there head angle through the Burgtec offset shock hardware, so we decided to make small production run.“The offset Hardware helped me to get The perfect position on my GT Fury, ready to go Win at Val di Sole and have my best year to date” Marc Beaumont.

The hardware is made from grade 5 Titanium, which is significantly lighter than its steel hardware counterpart, but still maintains the same excellent wear rating when compared to OE Aluminum ones; approximately 3 times.  The hardware comes supplied with a proprietary o-ring seal to keep out as much of the elements as possible, as well as DU bushes.

The Hardware will suit all ½” shock eyelets covering Fox, Marzocchi and Rock Shox from ’08 onwards. The first batch will be kits to fit the following bikes and if demand for certain bikes becomes high enough, we will expand the range to suit further models and brands.

Commencal 4X, Meta, Supreme 6, FR, Mini DH, Supreme DH all years

GT Fury 10-11

Lapierre 720/920 08-10

Lapierre 720/920 11

Orange Five, Patriot, Alpine 160, 222, 223 and 224

Santa Cruz V10 05-10, VP Free all years, Blur LT 2, Heckler 07-09

Santa Cruz V10 11 Carbon

Scott Gambler 08-10

Solid Mission 9 All years

Transition TR250 and TR450 all years

Yeti 303 06-08

The first batch kit sizes will be 19mm x 8mm, 22mm x 8mm and 30mm x 8mm so if your bike isn’t listed above but you know you need one of those sizes we can help – price £45.

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