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Specialized Allride at Pro GRT 1

April 25th, 2011

By Factory Jackson

The first Pro GRT Race of the season was in Port Angeles, Washington and I was lucky enough to go to it with the Specialized AllRide Academy. With AllRide, we always try to come up with creative videos that are different from the standard bike edits to try to set the program apart from others. When we arrived in Port Angeles we saw a Twilight store (which we laughed at) and were later informed that Twilight was based near the Port Angeles area so we thought it would be funny to put a Twilight spin on our video, not to condone it of course, but just to make the video slightly more interesting.

Videos with a theme or story are not too easy to put together at an event like this. Trying to snag a few “storyline” shots in between the riders practice and race runs proved to be a challenge. We shot the intro to the video right before we left Washington so my lens was still covered in mud from the race. It was shot in such a rush that it came out a little rough but we still did what we could to make it work. Its not perfect, but oh well.

The weekend was a success though! Mikey got 6th in Pro Men and we were able to film a bangin part! Unfortunately, Cierra crashed and hit her head after a vampire ran across the trail in her race run which caused her to DNF. Mikey later found the creepy blood sucker that was responsible and whipped his head off.

Song: “Somebody’s Watching Me” – Rockwell

Filmed and Edited by Gunnar Oliphant

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