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July 9th, 2016

By Andrew Dodd in Bikes,Features

Mojo Suspension | Doddy’s Mondraker gets some suspension love

After reluctantly sending back my old Foxy XR Carbon, there was only one obvious choice of replacement – the Dune Carbon, which we reviewed earlier this year.

Mojo Suspension

Doddy’s Mondraker Dune isn’t that stock any more. e13 TRSr wheels; 170mm Reverb post; Renthal 35mm Carbon bars; SRAM Eagle transmission and now a Fox suspension overhaul.

With an extra 20mm of travel and a whole host of different features including the ability to house various shocks – it was going to be a better test bench of a bike.

I’ve been testing a lot of products for Factory Jackson on the Dune, and recently have found myself at the limit of the stock Fox Float X shock – so a visit to the Fox importers Mojo Suspension for some set up advice was on the cards…

Rebound problems

The Fox Float X shock that the Dune comes with came with had no volume spacers installed, which gave a more linear feel than my old Foxy. Preferring a rear end that really ramps up, I experimented with spacers until I got a good feeling – and really started finding my momentum with the bike.

There was a limitation though – I was running the rebound 4 clicks from fully closed to get a lively feel, but the high speed rebound was far too fast. If going to riding spots with lots of jumps like Tidworth, I needed to run rebound fully closed to avoid getting kicked up the arse – which made the shock feel terrible on normal terrain.

Float X versus Float X2

Arriving at Mojo, Chris sat on my bike and confirmed what he hinted at on the phone – because I was running such a progressive feeling shock, the sheer amount of stored energy couldn’t easily be controlled under rebound. He could tune around this, but there would be compromises for my particular preferences.

Mojo Suspension

Mojo Suspension don’t just service Fox suspension – they will help you get the very best out of your suspension set up on your bike. The Float X is an excellent shock, but due to the way Doddy likes to ride the X2 is potentially the better option for him. Chris Porter helped him get it set up.

The Fox Float X2 has far more external adjustability, and is a more capable shock.  Because the damping range is better, Chris told me how we would set the bike up with the damping doing more of the work to achieve that feel that I wanted. This in turn would stop the shock storing so much energy to release under rebound – stopping me getting kicked up the arse.

Mojo Suspension

As well as accurately measuring sag with body weight, Chris and the Mojo team take in to account riding pack weight and the way you ride to get things dialled in.

Although the shock cavity in the Mondraker Dune is plenty big enough to house the Float X2, the air valve isn’t the easiest thing to use – though the new climb switch is easy enough to flick on and off from in the saddle.

Mojo Suspension

To get my base setting, Mojo Suspension set the X2 up with 2 clicks of Low Speed Rebound, and 21 clicks of High Speed Rebound (these settings are from fully closed).

Mojo Suspension

On the compression end of things, Mojo Suspension went for 22 clicks of High Speed Compression and 18 clicks of Low Speed Compression. Note the new compression ‘climb switch’ – which makes the X2 a lot more useable for many riders.

Front end set up

Although the Fox 36 FIT fork that comes on the Mondraker Dune RR is good, it’s just nothing compared to the 36 RC2 Float that Chris built for my old Foxy – and also has the QR15 mm axle, rather than a proper bolt through set up.

I would have installed that fork immediately on the bike, but the steerer was cut down for the previous 20mm direct stem I was running – so Chris swapped the upper legs and crown from the OEM fork to my old fork, and gave the internals a bit of love. He also treated them to some new decals – effectively turning them in to a brand new fork.

Mojo Suspension

It’s always a joy watching a highly skilled person do what comes naturally, and Chris from Mojo Suspension is one of the best. Although Chris knows so much about suspension and bike geometry, he’s still searching to get to the ultimate set up –  kind of like a surfer is always searching for the ultimate wave. Every time we visit him, he is experimenting with some new wild geometry; wheel sizes or suspension set up. And occasionally lead weights.

Mojo Suspension

With two blue volume spacers internally, Chris set my fork up for 180mm travel and put 4 clicks of Low Speed Compression; 22 clicks of High Speed Compression and 13 clicks of Rebound. Stiff, supportive and very, very well damped.

Mojo Suspension

Although my Fox 36 RC2 has had a long paper round, it now looks and performs just like new. It is incredibly supple and supportive – and on the outside looks like a brand new fork. You can have this done to your fork too at Mojo Suspension.

Chris Porter and the Mojo Suspension boys did a blinding job getting my Dune set up. I’ll be reporting back soon with how it performs out on the trail – but initially, it feels incredible!

If you want to get your Fox suspension queries answered, or find out more about tuning options available to you, drop the guys at Mojo a line right here




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